A post about my recent lack of posting.

You may have noticed — or not, as the case may be — that I haven’t been posting regularly in a month or so. The week I spent in Taos seriously disrupted my schedule, which had already gotten a bit shaky with the end of the semester and the coming of the summer. I was trying to get back into my routine, and then the fence happened. I managed to blog and work on the fence at the same time — well, on the same days — for a week or so, but then I ran out of energy to work on anything but the fence.

The fall semester starts next Monday, and so now most of my energy is going to last-minute panic preparations, but I hope to get a least a few real posts written this week. Once the semester starts, I should be able to get back into the groove. It doesn’t seem right: I’ll have less time, but my time will also be structured and divided and allocated and whatever. During the summer, I let myself go to seed.

Anyway. Excuses, excuses. Stay tuned.



2 Comments on “A post about my recent lack of posting.”

  1. ObsesySteed says:

    Klop is not a dog. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!

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