Day 214: Measure your IQ.

The Book provides a handy nine-question, ten-minute test with which I am to measure my IQ.

Before I tell you how I did, let me tell you a few things. First, I have never taken an IQ test, and so I have nothing with which to compare the results of the Book’s test — and I’m pretty skeptical about the Book’s test, having spent 214 days with the thing. I suppose an IQ test might have been administered to me somewhere back in the depths of grade school, but I’m not sure, and even if I did take such a test, I have no idea what my score was.

Second: I have no idea what the numbers mean. I remember that Forrest Gump had an IQ of seventy-five, which was five points lower than was required by the state of Alabama for admission to public school, and that his mom had to fornicate with the principal in order to get him in. That’s my only frame of reference.

So, without further ado: according to the Book’s test, my IQ is 149, which is at the high end of the Very Bright range, and two points shy of Liar.

That seemed high, I guess, if only because of its proximity to Liar, and so I took an online IQ test — at, where else? — because an online IQ test is bound to be infinitely more accurate than the one in the Book —— and keep in mind that it’s late, and I’ve had a few bourbons ——— but the Internet puts my IQ at 134. Splitting the difference — which I’m going to do, whether it makes sense or not — puts me at 141.5, which I’ll round up to 142.

That’s pretty good, I guess? It’s all bullshit, of course, but I’ll take it.

Also: Every tool is a weapon if you hold it right.


One Comment on “Day 214: Measure your IQ.”

  1. Steve Goldsmith says:

    I haven’t thought about this in a long time, but I took an IQ test when I was maybe in the 5th or 6th grade. A teacher/administrator at the middle school I went to was working on his EdD, and his topic was IQ. He was administering IQ tests to kids from a variety of socioeconomic and family backgrounds – I don’t know the details of his study 45 years after the fact. My brother and I both took the test. He scored pretty high as I remember. My result was that my IQ “could not be measured with this test,” which meant I got all of the questions right. I haven’t taken a (formal) IQ test since. I figure both Chris’ and Jeff’s IQs can’t be measured with the standard test.

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