Day 137: Does cheese really give you nightmares?

“Find out by eating 100 oz. of one of the following and recording your dreams.”

First of all: 100 ounces of cheese is six and a quarter pounds of cheese. As I said with the chocolate, I can’t eat that much of anything in one sitting, and I doubt I could get even a pound of cheese down in a day. (Although the right cheese, on the right day…)

I did eat some cheese, however. According to the Book, Danish Blue produces nightmares about zombies – and zombies sounded better than some of the other options, which included vampires, castration, falling, hell, and “general sweatiness.”

I didn’t manage to procure any Danish Blue – actually, I didn’t procure any cheese at all – but my brother-in-law and his wife came over for dinner, and brought blue cheese with them, and I ate some of it. Not six pounds, but a lot more than I normally eat, which is none.

I’ll let you know in the morning how it went.


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