Day 134: Hack into a computer network.

Two impossible tasks in a row!

Not than hacking into a computer network is that hard, really: just that it’s beyond me. It’s definitely more beyond me now than it would have been in 2003 or 2004, both because the internet has changed and because I have not at all kept pace with those changes. I can still write a decent algorithm, I just can’t write it in anything except for terse English.

So instead of attempting something impossible and illegal – and while I’m on the subject, have I mentioned before that the Book seems keen on getting me arrested? – I decided to drink a beer, fold towels, and watch The Matrix: Reloaded.

I guess a lot of people were unimpressed by the sequels to The Matrix: certainly Reloaded and Revolutions both have moments that are unnecessary or ridiculous or unnecessarily ridiculous, but there are also some really interesting moments in both films. The fights are more elaborate, which appeals to me: nothing is awesome in quite the way that balletic kung-fu car-chase violence is awesome.

There’s also a lot of exploration of free will, determinism, choice, fate, &c, in Reloaded. A lot of it is very pop-philosophical, and some of it borders on silly, but there are also moments that allow one to engage in actual thought, which is good in a movie, sometimes. Right?

The best scene – the best not-a-fight-scene, I should say – and the best of the whole trilogy, I think, not just in Reloaded – has to be the conversation between Neo and the Architect. I actually used one of the Architect’s speeches – the “as you adequately put it, the problem is choice” bit – as the epigraph to a paper I wrote this semester, on free will in Reformation Europe, with an emphasis on Paradise Lost and Hamlet.

Also I used the word “grok” in that paper, because that’s the sort of ridiculous thing (humanities) academics get to do.


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