Day 128: Try a new fruit today.

This was a bit challenging: there aren’t that many fruits that I can get around here that I haven’t tried. I’ve had star fruits, pomegranates, spiky melons, apples – that’s right, apples.

I had to venture to a Whole Foods – a grocery store I tend to avoid – in order to find an exotic enough fruit. I ended up with three new fruits to try: red bananas from Honduras, passion fruit from New Zealand, and kumquats from California.

The red bananas were good; the texture was a bit iffy, because they were fairly ripe and a bit bruised – not worked-over-by-hired-goons bruised, but ran-into-a-door-in-the-middle-of-the-night bruised. I didn’t notice them being sweeter than standard bananas: I think I’d actually describe them as breadier. If I could get good ones reliably and not-too-expensively, I think I’d eat them fairly often. Not as good as an apple-banana, but nothing is.

The passion fruit was odd, in a variety of ways. The skin felt like a dry watermelon rind. The fruit was about the size of a plum, but weighed much less – almost like it was hollow, which it turned out to be, sort of. Inside the fruit were lots of little seeds, which were slimy to the point that they weren’t really chewable, though the part of the seed which attached to the inside of the rind was über-crunchy. It tasted good – a bit tart, a bit sweet – but there were not enough edible bits, especially considering how much it cost (it did come all the way from New Zealand, after all).

The kumquats – despite having a name I don’t like to say – were amazing. They’re like the citrus version of grape tomatoes: grab a handful, eat them like candy. The rind is edible, and vaguely sweet; the flesh inside is exceptionally sour. I think they’re great, and I’m buying more when I run across them.

I made everyone try the kumquats – well, everyone who was in my house while they were also in my house – my wife, my children, Nathan, Kathryn – but I don’t think anyone liked them as much as I do. Ella thought they were too sour; Lorna didn’t, but neither was she excessively excited about them. Jack ate one, but lost interest. Nathan swore, and Kathryn punched me in the face – which isn’t actually that unusual, for her, and I even deserve it sometimes.

That was alright, though: I just ate another kumquat, and felt much better.


2 Comments on “Day 128: Try a new fruit today.”

  1. The Daily Dabbler says:

    The look on that cat’s face is priceless. :-)

  2. […] was fun, if not particularly abnormal. There’s some crazy shit up ahead, though – Day 44? Day 128? Day 190? Day three-hundred-and-fucking-twelve?? […]

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