Days 121-122: No Internet Weekend! (part two)

I think this is the one that will change my life. My time away from the internet went something like this:

Don’t get me wrong: I like technology. I don’t want to give up my computer or my phone or the magic of the internet any more than I want to give up indoor plumbing. But just like it’s nice, sometimes, to go live the woods and shit on the ground, it’s also nice to take the occasional break from technology.

For most of my no-internet weekend, though, I was still tied to my laptop: I had a paper to finish, and I was working on it and the various supplemental materials – a shorter, conference-sized version of the paper, a blurb about how I shortened it and why I cut what I did, summaries of everything, an outline, a summary of the outline, a picture of a hedgehog – until about 11:30 Monday morning. Not being on the internet made me much more productive during that last 36 hours (and I was awake for a lot of them), but it didn’t really feel like I was taking a break.

That changed, though, when I finished printing the last of my paper and closed my laptop. I took the rest of Monday – and a fair amount of Tuesday, actually – as a technology Sabbath. It was great. I ignored my laptop, I ignored my phone, I ignored my kitchen appliances. I read a book. I went to bed at a decent hour. I built a house out of old tires.

I think I might do this again, or something like it: one day a week on which I abstain from computer-related technology. No computer, no phone, no TV. A technology sabbath.

And I will blog about it every time, because I’m a smug, insufferable asshole.


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