Day 113: Today watch a movie beginning with the letter F.

An amazing coincidence, this was: Lorna and I made plans with some friends of ours a week ago – when I had no idea what today’s task was – to watch Fight Club, because Caleb has never seen it.

It starts with an F, obviously. It might be the best movie ever made whose title begins with an F. I can’t think of a better one, anyway.

If you can bring yourself to think back to Day 90, you might recall that having seen Fight Club is something of a test of friendship with me. Caleb is exempt, partly because he never comes to my house without bringing beer, but even more because he crawled around in the mud under my house today to help me locate the source of the lake that formed under my house late last night. I say he “helped me,” which makes it sound like I did something more than yell “have you found anything yet?” down into the crawlspace.

Turns out that our hot-water-heater sprung a leak sometime after midnight last night; the water drained into the shallow basin in which the heater sits, and a short piece of PVC drains the water from that basin into the space under the house when the water gets about an inch deep. I noticed it around 2:30 – I was up working on a paper, or it would’ve run all night – by which time it was far too late. I turned off the water to the house, had a bourbon, abandoned getting anything else done on my paper, and went to bed.

Anyway: after some crawling in the mud, and some turning of valves and faucets and whatnots, the problem was isolated, the water line disconnected from the tank and capped, and cold running water restored to the house. Then we drank some beer; it’s obligatory.

So Caleb doesn’t have to watch Fight Club to be worthy to be my friend, but we – us, our wives, whoever else shows up – are all going to watch it tonight anyway, because it’s awesome. The kids have all been foisted off on various people who aren’t us, and we’re going to drink a bit too much and partake of the bloody, profane glory that we’re not allowed to talk about.

We won’t be re-enacting anything, though, because Caleb could kick my ass, and I’m smart enough not start a fight that I know I’m going to lose.


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