Days 109 & 110, part one.

This two-day task is an experiment — not a particularly rigorous one — designed to determine which foot I ought to get out of bed on — which of them is my “lucky” foot.

My right foot is my default foot; it’s the one closest to the edge of the bed, so it hits the ground first. That’s the one I’m testing today, mostly because I was too groggy to think when Jack woke me up this morning.

I’ll give a full report tomorrow, but today has not gotten off to an auspicious start: a bad night’s sleep, a wife who got a worse night’s sleep, a son who woke up in a less-than-pleasant mood before seven, a broken toilet handle, a really (really) bad parking spot at the train station — and, consequently, a missed train and a twenty-minute wait for the next one — and, finally, a hat that blew off my head and into traffic on the walk from the train station to campus.

And that was all before eleven. Since then, things have mostly leveled out, and it’s been an average day: reading, answering emails, thinking about papers, thinking about teaching, drinking coffee.

The one good thing that is bound to happen today, though, is that I’ll have to go to bed tonight, at least for a few hours, so that I can get up tomorrow on my left foot — assuming I remember to get out of bed on the wrong foot, that is.


2 Comments on “Days 109 & 110, part one.”

  1. Jared says:

    Good news! You stayed at my place last night. The guest bedroom has very little space on the right side of the bed – it’s only natural to get out on your left foot. Hopefully you did so!

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