Day 108: Today, graffiti [something].

I’m starting to think that the goal of this Book is to change my life by getting me arrested.

Fortunately, the Book is not expecting good graffiti – which is good, because I’m no Banksy – in fact, it stipulates illegibility, hastily-scribbled-ness, and monochromaticity, and it allows for the truly timid to use chalk instead of spray-paint.

What was I going to graffiti, though? Bathroom stalls are a popular target – and, at least on my campus, one runs across the occasional philosophical-discussion-in-graffiti in a bathroom – but that’s always seemed a bit tacky to me.

Boxcars are a popular target, and there’s a spur of railroad track near our house that’s used to park boxcars for a week or ten days at a time – or, rather, it used to be used for that, but it’s been mostly empty since the economy went down the toilet. That would have been perfect, because the track runs through a small wooded area, and I’d have been able to “tag up” those boxcars at a nice, leisurely pace.

Billboards, street signs, the sides of buildings, manhole covers, water towers, the Berlin Wall – all too exposed for my taste, especially because I’m not going to do this at three a.m. when nobody would notice me, because three a.m. is one of the few hours at which I am always – always – well, almost always – asleep.

I thought about making random doodles in books at the library – things like this – but I just can’t bring myself to write in library books. If I’d had time, I’d have gone to Half Price and doodled in books there – which is totally different, because then the doodle is like a gift to whoever buys the book. But I didn’t have time – and I don’t really have the money for an excursion to HPB at the moment, either, and it’s extremely difficult for me to go to a used-book store and not buy anything. Next time I go, though, I’m totally doing it.

In the end, I left this – which is monochromatic, sure, but also legible, and not that scribbly, and in ballpoint pen, because that’s what I had on me – in a location that will remain unidentified.

Also, I had a piss there, after I was done writing – because why not?


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