Day 84: Throw away an apple core in a park.

“Mark the spot well, and come back in 20 years’ time to see your apple tree.”

The first thing to do was decide what kind of apple to eat and discard. My very favorite cultivars – Russets of various sorts, Ginger Golds – are only available (at least here in Texas) in the fall. The Golden Deliciouses looked okay, but not amazing; I wasn’t really in the mood for a Pink Lady; everything else was huge, and I don’t like eating a softball-sized apple.

I finally settled on a Pacific Rose, a variety I’ve never had before (or don’t remember having had, anyway). They were good, kind of like a sweet Pink Lady, not very tart – not an apple I’d want to eat all the time, but still tasty.

I ate one this evening while Ella was at soccer practice, and I’d intended to leave the core there — but the park where they practice is basically a big field, and the grass is kept short enough that I doubt the core would have a chance to sprout, and certainly any tree that sprung up would be summarily uprooted and cast into the unquenchable fire.

I needed, rather, a place that was both untended and not so overgrown that my poor little apple core would have no chance. There are parks like that in the area — just not the one I was at — but I didn’t want to make a special trip.

Instead, I just threw the core from the window of the moving car on the way home, toward a place that looked likely.

It’s not littering if it’s biodegradable, right?

I wasn’t able to “mark the spot well,” obviously, but my core isn’t likely to make a tree, anyway, and I’ll have forgotten about this by next week — there’s no way I’m going to remember in two decades.

Shit, we probably won’t even still have trees in 2030 — the Singularity will have happened by then, and if The Terminator trilogy is any guide, our new robot overlords will have no use for trees.

Poor little apple.


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