Day 64: Today send a letter…

“…to someone at random, with a $5 bill, a photo of yourself, no explanation, and no return address. See what comes of it.”

I encountered a few problems with this one. I didn’t have a photo of myself lying around, I didn’t have $5 bill, and I had no idea how to “send a letter at random.” A street address isn’t exactly something you can make up – or, well, it’s something you can make up, but an actual street address is much more difficult to generate at random.

I thought about using MapCrunch, which generates random street-views in Google Maps, but that seemed a little too random; I wanted there to be some sort of connection. Somehow, it occurred to me to send the letter to whoever is currently living in the house I grew up in, in Tulsa.

Because I didn’t have the required contents, I had to improvise. I had three dollars in my wallet, so that went in the envelope. I had the label from a bottle of Old Rasputin, so that went in too. In my pocket were the tickets stubs from the performance of Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars that Ella and I went to see tonight – put on by the local players, and better than it could have been – so those went in the envelope, as well. Then, while digging around for a final item, I found a card-key from the Royal Kona Resort – and since I had two, one of them went into the envelope.

I sealed it, stamped it, addressed it to “the current occupants of the house I grew up in,” and put it out for the mail carrier.

I have no idea what the recipient’s reaction will be – probably to pocket the money and throw the rest away. Maybe, though, whoever it is will do something similar, and send an envelope full of odd bits of detritus to unknown people occupying a known address.

It’s too late now, but maybe I should have addressed the letter to the house – I could’ve included a note to the residents, something like: “please give this to the house, put it in the crawlspace or something, I think the house would like that.”

The house probably misses me more than they people who live in it now do, that’s for sure.


2 Comments on “Day 64: Today send a letter…”

  1. Megan says:

    I think I may just have to give this a shot. Suppose I could just open up the phone book and send it to the first address I see.

    I LOVE this idea… so random that I found your post, but glad I did!

  2. Becky Clary says:

    I like this one a bunch. I can do a drive-by and wave at them if you like. I forgot where you lived. So that too would be a random guess. Regards from Tulsa. Becky.

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