Day 62: Prepare convenient circles everywhere you habitually go.

The circles are supposed to “invoke protective pagan powers and establish a psychic shield within which you are safe and in control.” And, apparently, drawing the circle (out of chalk, I guess?) and standing inside it is enough; there are no incantations or magic words or sacrifices of small animals. According to the Book, salt or rum will strengthen the circle, if I add them to the chalk (though I’d prefer to drink the rum).

Coincidentally, I started reading Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus earlier this week –  and when Faust first summons Mephistopheles, he traps the devil inside a fancy magical circle, not the other way around. Maybe the Book is wrong about how this works?

Of course, the Smoke Monster in LOST was limited by circles of ash, and those actually worked both ways: for a long time he was contained by the circle of ash, a prisoner in a cabin; at other times, though, the ash circles work to keep him out of various places.

So circles might help, I guess. They seem like a lot of work, though, especially if I’m supposed to hop from circle to circle to stay within the protective boundaries – we’re talking hundreds of circles here, people. Too many, it’s just too many. It’s not just that I’m still tired from impossible pizza day, but also that this is the sort of time-consuming nonsense I don’t make time for.

Because, well, I don’t need to walk around in circles.


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