Day 55: Pancake day.

My wife makes the pancakes in this house.

If I were doing this in strict accordance with the Book, I’d’ve been the one making them – but last night, when I told Lorna today was pancake day, she said “Does that mean I get to make pancakes?!”

She was so excited I couldn’t tell her no. And, really, she makes a better pancake than I do. Lorna doesn’t work from a recipe – she just throws flour and eggs and buttermilk and who knows what else into a bowl in some mad, mysterious alchemical process, and amazing pancakes come out (well, they go on the griddle first).

So this morning, we had pancakes. The kids & I went to the store to pick up some necessaries: buttermilk, maple syrup, chocolate chips, bacon. We came home. Lorna made the pancakes, I cooked the bacon, the kids ate the pancakes, Lorna and I ate the pancakes. Everybody had bacon, because who doesn’t like bacon? I washed the dishes, because that’s my job on pancake days.

The great thing about pancake days – and we have them fairly often – is that there are always leftover pancakes. We had pancakes again for lunch, and we’ll have them for an afternoon snack, and probably for breakfast again tomorrow. I might have one when Jack wakes me up at one in the morning.

I love pancakes – I didn’t know until today, though, that (at least according to Wikipedia) pancakes are thought to be the earliest prepared food: that is, not something hunted or gathered, but something cooked. Grains and glandular secretions, everything a growing boy needs.

It’s a good thing I didn’t read up on pancakes before we made them this morning, or I might have been tempted to try something a little crazy – like these, for instance (though probably not with veal, because I don’t feel right about eating baby cows – adult cows, fine, deer, fine, sheep, squirrels, rabbits, just not baby cows).

I won’t go so far as to call pancakes the perfect food – they’re close, but I think burritos are actually the perfect food. Now, if there was such a thing as a pancake burrito


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