Day 51: Sense-less day.

“Go through today without using your sense of sight.”

This made a lot of things difficult.

I managed to make my morning cup of espresso without too much difficulty (I’ve had a lot of practice, after all), but I also managed to get coffee on my pants in the process – which turned out to be a good thing, since I’d dressed myself blind and looked – according to my wife – “even more ridiculous than usual.”

I ran into a lot of things. And people. I crashed my bike. I stepped on the dogs.

I read Richard II this afternoon, which involved turning the pages periodically and taking nothing in – the book wasn’t in Braille, and I can’t read Braille anyway. I thought about grading papers, but decided against it – I mean, they’re going to end up covered in red ink anyway, but it ought to at least be (somewhat) legible.

I listened to Die Hard – which I’m talking about in class tomorrow – but I could picture most of it in my mind, as I’ve seen it hundreds of times. I grew up with that movie. John McClane (back when he had hair) taught me the word “fuck,” and many of its various uses. Hans Gruber (before he was Professor Snape) taught me never to trust a German. Sergeant Al Powell taught me about Twinkies and comic relief. Good times…

Yeah. Where was I? Oh, right, things that were hard to do without being able to see: pretty much everything. I’m sure this post is riddled with typos and odd links (my wife is going to have a field day) – I’m not a very good typist, and that’s when I can see both the screen and my keyboard. Not being able to see either – well, I’m sure it’s a mess.

About the only thing I managed to do well today was take a nap.


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