Day 43: This evening, write a proper diary account of your day.

I apologize in advance if this is boring.

Slept in this morning. That is, Jack woke me up about 8 a.m. – though, thanks to the magic of motion picture technology, I didn’t actually have to face the world until 8:45 or so. Got dressed. Thought about making breakfast. Opened the curtains in the living room – and saw the dogs, who are supposed to remain in the (fenced) back yard, out in the neighbor’s yard. The stupid-but-obedient one came in when I called, but the smart-and-rebellious one took off running, so I had to put shoes on and go after her (in the car – damn dogs will get in any car that stops for them – and I’m tired of chasing them down on foot).

Made breakfast: scrambled eggs cooked in bacon jam. Made coffee. Drank coffee. Washed dishes. Lorna and Jack left; Elanor was already gone (she spent the night with my in-laws), so I had the house to myself. Threw a drunken party. Drank some more coffee, tidied up the house a bit. Went on a short bike ride – we’re in a raw milk co-op, and I had to drop off the empty jugs at the droppin’-off place. Came home, drank more coffee. Thought about eating lunch, had a glass of wine instead.

Did some writing, which involved a fair amount of pacing around the house. Thought about taking a nap, but didn’t. Ate something resembling lunch around three in the afternoon. Answered a few emails, goofed off, tried to write some more. Lorna and the kids got home around 5. I put some bacon in the oven, and Lorna started making pancakes.

Around 6, people started showing up for the smallgroup that meets at our house on Saturdays – and that was the point at which Jack decided to melt down for the day. Because Lorna was still making pancakes (and because people like her more than they like me, and because she’d been dealing with Jack all day), I took Jack to bed. He was not happy. He pitched a very long fit, but eventually calmed down enough to let me read to him – the Tales of Benjamin Bunny and Squirrel Nutkin. Then Lorna read to him for a bit, and I got to hang out and eat some dinner – bacon pancakes, pork medallions, orange chicken, some sort of rice thing – and then I went back to dealing with Jack, who finally fell asleep around 8.

Everybody had gone home by 9. I finished tidying up the kitchen (though most of the work had already been done, because I have awesome friends). I read to Elanor – we’re a few chapters into Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I went to go pick up the milk from the picking-up place. I turned off lights, locked doors, poured myself a scotch, and got into bed. I wrote this blog post. Now, I’m going to (try to) do a bit of reading before I give up and go to bed.


2 Comments on “Day 43: This evening, write a proper diary account of your day.”

  1. Becky Clary says:

    Congratulations on your excellent parenting skills in handling Jack’s meltdown, especially with company on hand. That’s typically when a real flopping on the floor screaming meltdown can occur. Had I written that 20 years ago, it would have said, “and then I cursed at Jack under my breath, spanked his butt and put him in his room with the door locked.” But then again, that’s me. LOL. J/K, kinda. He’s 24 now, and loves his mama, so I didn’t do it all wrong. Great blog as usual.

  2. […] remember Day 43? (I didn’t, really.) An exercise in trimming, which is what this post needs, despite being […]

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