Day 33: Be on the lookout for the paranormal.

The page for today’s task was designed to induce paranoia: lots of red, pictures of bats, a blood-drippy Treehouse-of-Horror-esque font – and the list of common paranormal occurrences to watch for wasn’t particularly cheery, either (all the weird stuff that happens in The Exorcist, basically).

Well, that’s fine, I guess, but I’ve done paranoia recently and had no desire to do it again. Also, we didn’t leave the house today – doesn’t take much ice to shut everything down in north Texas – and there just wasn’t much paranormal happening around here.

I tried, I guess, a little bit. It was spooky when I opened the curtains and the window was covered in ice – except no, it wasn’t, because we got sleet and snow on Tuesday, and the high today was 17°F, and ice on the windows is pretty standard in such weather. Also it was there yesterday, so I was expecting it.

By the time I had lunch – potato soup, if anyone cares – I’d mostly forgotten that I was supposed to be “on the lookout for the paranormal.” We had a fairly normal afternoon: the kids made a giant tent in the living room, we played a variation of hide-and-go-seek (they chased me, I hid, they found me, they chased me, I hid, &c), we went to the grocery store, we stopped in to see my parents, we came home. Nothing paranormal about any of it. We did buy a box of clementines (from Spain!, as the box says), and it was a bit odd to be eating something so vibrant and citrusy while there’s snow on the ground – odd, but not spooky.

Today would have been a failure, I think, if my wife hadn’t asked me to make her some tea. We were putting the kids to bed: she was reading Jack Peter Rabbit, I was reading Elanor Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Lorna asked for tea; I went in to the kitchen to start the water boiling – and the kettle was not on the stove where it ought to have been. I scanned the counter – not there. Looked in the sink, looked on the drying rack – not there, either. Looked at the stove again – no, definitely not there. Not in this cabinet, nor that, nor the other (none of which the kettle’s ever in, by the way). Scanned the whole kitchen, looked in the dining room, looked in the dishwasher – nowhere. Where the fuck is the kettle?

Looked back at the stove. Oh, there’s the kettle.

Wait. There’s the kettle? On the stove? Where I’ve already looked?

Yes. There’s the kettle. On the stove. Where you’ve already looked. Spooky, isn’t it?

…Not really, I guess, but it’s all I’ve got.


One Comment on “Day 33: Be on the lookout for the paranormal.”

  1. Yaro says:

    That’s totally spooky. For reals.

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