Day 31: Nauru Awareness Day!

Ah, yes, Nauru – how often we forget thee, tiny Nauru!

When you had phosphorus for us, for our matches, for our toothpastes, for our detergents, for our explosives – then we loved you, then we remembered you!

When there was no more phosphate to be mined, we soon lost interest, we were quick to forget you. But then – O! then, Nauru! – you lured us back with economic policies that encourage tax evasion and money laundering! Those policies didn’t last long, though, and our interest has waned once more.

The Australians were wooed for a short time – yes, they were – they exported their criminals to you, as once criminals had been exported to them. Perhaps you did not treat them well, dear Nauru, for they were soon recalled.

And now, poor Nauru, you are forgotten, alone, destitute! So few are left to care for you, and so many of those have no work – shiftless lay-abouts! lazy bums! – and those few who have work are all employed by the government, which has no money to do anything, anyway!

You have so little, tiny Nauru: almost no arable land, an insufficient amount of fresh water, no seaport, no money, no friends. But you do have one thing – the most important of things – an Official Tourism Website.

Yes! Tourism! On the Internets! This is the ticket, tiny Nauru! Things are looking up! Godspeed, you tiny island nation! Godspeed, good Nauru!


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