Day 20: Poetry day

Today’s task is another of those that requires the participation of multiple individuals: “everyone is to send in a line to create the world’s longest poem.” The first line was given.

Of course, because I’m years behind the times, the version of the Book’s website to which these lines were to be sent no longer exists works. I dealt with this difficulty by making myself the compiler, rather than a contributor. Where was I to get lines, though? I thought about mining twitter’s public timeline – but, really, that’s something that needs to be experienced unfiltered. I needed content generated by (relatively) normal folks that was also in coherent English, and I found it on Wikipedia, using the random article feature. I left the phrases that I took out of context intact, though I did modify punctuation.

The resulting poem – and I use the term loosely – is not the world’s longest, nor is it in iambic pentameter, and so I’ve fallen short of the Book’s dictates on those points. It is, however, essentially unreadable, which I think was the primary goal.

Mercy, cried the popinjay to the Pope,
The passage on the top cone is secured by ropes!
The “respectable” society is murderous,
The manipulated data structures are in some ways too simple,
Medicine Hat won their first Memorial Cup!
Having decided upon the adoption of certain proposals,
The recorded incantation unleashes an evil force;
After dropping her charge at Charleston,
The medications will do more harm than good!
“The proclamation was codified–”
She lies to a nun on the bus:
“It may be deleted at any time!”
All the parts of the stand are loosened,
The defending champions qualified automatically;
The short release is quite a bit of fun—
It is the sister station—
The component particles will vary in size—
They can be drunk throughout the day,
The nutmeg snails!
Creating a scenic surroundings around it,
The “crimson demon of war”
Was subsequently arrested and held in prison;
Penarronda Beach!
This enzyme belongs to the family of oxidoreductases,
He was candidate for Sejm three times;
Draw or paint a duck realistically,
Burn a new scout association,
Modify the area covered by an existing property,
You will have lipstick for dinner!
It is endemic to Seychelles,
A bouncy rock track with classic Deacon Blue slice-of-life lyrics;
He broadcasts weekly for youth.
This article is an orphan,
An indie tribute album by a variety of artists;
The capital of Russia was moved from Moscow to St. Petersburg,
It consists of a little red wooden building with a tower!
Opera omnia, exegetica, didacteca, et polemica,
He worked as a delivery truck driver—
Most of the Huguenots who immigrated to the colony
Are prone to flooding, especially in spring and during the typhoon season!
In 1988 she was decommissioned,
And contains no incorporated settlements;
Land iguanas were reintroduced to Baltra,
But he was an unsuccessful candidate for reelection.
The mutineers were completely defeated!
He succeeded his father in the earldom!
The larvae bore the stems of Scirpus lacustris!
The grassy ridge of Black Balsam Knob!


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