Day 9: Do something before breakfast today.

I’m going to assume the things I normally do before breakfast – urinate copiously, brush my teeth, put on clothes, let the dogs out, make my children breakfast, wonder why I bothered to get out of bed at all – don’t count.

Here in North Texas, today was the first snow of the winter. It wasn’t really good snow – it was ice, not exactly sleet, sort of like very small hail. It eventually started accumulating, even on the roads, and we ended up with enough to go sledding at a nearby park, though it didn’t make very good snowballs. But I digress.

What I did before breakfast this morning (the first cup of coffee doesn’t count as breakfast) was ride my bike to church in the snow:

…not really. I wish. I have no need for a Pugsley, but I’d love to have one. Or one of these, maybe. My ride this morning was neither as scenic nor as fun as the ride above, but it was still good, and I only got snail (snow/hail) in my eyes a few times.

For the record, my wife and children rode to church in the snow as well (though later than I did, and without my prompting – I was so proud), and we all rode home together, after the roads had started to get nasty, with a minimum of incidents. Also, I never actually got around to eating breakfast, though I did have a second cup of coffee.


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