Day 2: The Love of Your Life

“Today, gaze at everyone wondering whether they might be the one true love of your life, the one destined for you and you alone, and whether you might be passing them by forever… Act in consequence.”

This one is tricky, for a few reasons. First: what do I do about my wife? To say that she’s the one true love of my life – while true (if you’re reading this, wife, I love you and would never ever think about even thinking about anything else contained in the rest of this post) – seems like taking the easy way out, because then I miss out on that vague sense of anxiety and panic that comes with wondering whether I’m ruining my life through inaction. So let’s set aside my wife, at least temporarily.

The other difficulty I’m facing is that I haven’t really gone anywhere today. This would have been a far easier task on a day I was going to campus: all those strangers on the train, all those undergraduates (who are, for the record, totally off-limits), colleagues, that barista at the Starbucks up the road… so many more people, so many of whom are strangers…

I could, I suppose, put this task on hold for such a day, and do a future day’s task instead. But that way, I think, lies madness – or, at least, confusion and laziness. If I start (on day 2!) picking and choosing tasks, instead of taking what the Book gives me, I’ve missed the whole point of this endeavour.

So what am I going to do? This:

Once, riding the DART home from campus, I saw a woman dressed all in black – blouse, skirt, tights, coat – except for her bright red, patent-leather mary-janes. The shoes caught my eye, invited me to take more careful notice. She was petite, demure, with shoulder-length auburn hair, an angular-yet-soft face, a narrow Grecian nose; she was maybe twenty-five or thirty years old. There was something about the way she was sitting – holding a black purse and a cream-coloured bag on her lap, with her feet slightly apart but her knees held together – that I found striking, and her expression was unfathomable.

I thought my staring had been discreet, but as she got off the train, she kneed me in the testicles with such force that I fell to the floor of the train, vomited, and was unable to walk for nearly half an hour.


One Comment on “Day 2: The Love of Your Life”

  1. Diana says:

    You had me up until she noticed you. Wonderful, though.

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