Some People Just Want to Watch the World Burn … and Some People Are Just Idiots

So this image of President-Obama-as-Heath-Ledger’s-Joker with the word “socialism” as a caption has been turning up pasted to various surfaces in L.A., and is now making the rounds on the intertubes (and there are plenty of variations on the theme).

I’ve written elsewhere about the stupidity of using words like “socialist” as insults, because it robs them of their usefulness as neutral descriptors. This, though, is a new (or a least different), stupider kind of stupidity.

The Joker, especially Ledger’s Joker, is nowhere near being a socialist. I’d call him an anarchist, and in some ways he is, but he’s mostly a nihilist bent on destruction for the sake of destruction. That is, as should be obvious to anyone who can think himself out of a paper bag, a far cry from socialism (even if one is of the opinion that socialism ≈ the destruction of all that is good and holy).

Some are calling the image racist – because of the “whiteface,” I suppose – but that, I think, is giving the creator of the image too much credit. Calling Obama a socialist just to insult him is a Republican/Libertarian/Fox-news-ian trope these days, so it shouldn’t be at all surprising that a defaced image of him ends up with “socialist” or “socialism” on it (the original image, apparently, was captionless). Whoever took the image and added the caption probably never stopped to think about the doublethink required to attach the word “socialism” to an image referencing an anarcho-nihilist hell-bent on burning the world down. That’s an impressive level of stupidity.

Now, the creator of the original image? Probably some random /b/tard.


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