On the TTC: 2

According to the map below, which I found on CorridorWatch, the plan is for a network of corridors, which look like they’ll replace most (if not all) of the major highways currently in use: I-35, I-45, I-10, etc. Corridors in orange are “priority” corridors, and those in green secondary – obviously, the priority corridors get built first. (There’s a bigger map here, which was apparently produced by TxDot in June of 2002.)

I feel pretty certain the thing will get built, despite the opposition. This is Texas, and we like roads in Texas, and we like things big in Texas. Also, the Houston-to-Texarkana corridor is part of a multi-state & Congressionally approved plan to connect the various parts of I-69 and thus have a corridor running from Canada to Mexico. Read more about that at Wikipedia and Google.
Of course, even if it does get built, it’ll be twenty years before the thing is done. And we can always choose not to drive on it.


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