Rick Perry, John Hagee, and the End Times

So: Rick Perry attended a service at John Hagee’s Cornerstone Church in San Antonio; he agreed with Hagee’s statement that “If you live your life and don’t confess your sins to God Almighty …, you’re going straight to hell with a nonstop ticket”; he did some backpedaling a little later. (Go here for the DMN story..)
He’s entitled to believe what he wants, as we all are. He should, indeed, (and contrary to what Chris Bell said) make those beliefs public, at least in his actions; any belief one won’t act on isn’t worth continuing to believe in.
The problem is that he agreed/agrees with John Hagee; that he didn’t hear anything in an hour-long sermon that he’d object to. Why is that a problem? Aside from the fact that Hagee believes most people are going to hell, he teaches the Rapture: that Jesus is coming back to rescue his people from the world, and turn everything else over to Satan. He has big charts and detailed timetables about something Jesus said even he didn’t know the timing of.
There’s a lot wrong with that way of thinking, and more educated people than myself have discussed it. The one consequence I’d like to point out is that people who expect to be raptured expect it to happen in their lifetime, and so don’t make long-term plans or think about the long-term consequences of their decisions; global warming, deforestation, the destruction of the environment – these things don’t matter if Jesus is coming back in a few years. So I didn’t vote for him; I’d rather have a governor who’ll think about how my great-great-grandchildren are going to be affected by what he does.


2 Comments on “Rick Perry, John Hagee, and the End Times”

  1. byron says:

    Of course, the damage done by belief in the rapture isn’t limited to the environment. Thanks for this post and welcome to the blogosphere.

  2. h.goldsmith says:

    belief in the rapture is damaging, period, you’re right – so is expecting that jesus will never come back. c.s. lewis has an excellent essay on “the world’s last night” – how we, as christians, have to live as though christ weren’t coming back for centuries, but also ready for him to come back tomorrow.
    and thanks for the welcome.

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